CowTrac™ Endorsements and Customer Testimonials


CowTrac™ Mechanical Cow Systems are Owned and Endorsed by:


Clinton Anderson • Al Dunning • Barbra Schulte • Phil Rapp • Matt Gaines • Beau Galyean • Craig Thompson • Matt Miller • Lindy Burch • Clint Allen • Punk Carter • Grant Setnicka • Russ Westfall • Austin Shepard • Morgan Cromer • Chubby Turner • Bozo Rogers • Rock Hedlund • Mike Wood • Cookie Banuelos • Sandy Bonelli • Josh Dozier • Gavin Jordan • Steve Schlesinger • Eric Thomas • Brad Lund • Brad Barkemeyer • Carol Rose • Todd Crawford • Cory Cushing • Justin Wright • Jay McLaughlin • Phil Ralls • Sandy Collier • Todd Bergen • Jake Telford • Doug Williamson • Bob Avila • Ted Robinson • Ken Wold • Tucker Robinson • Smokey Pritchett • Dan Roeser • Brandon Staebler • Ed Robertson • Mark Luis • Larry Trocha • Doug Ingersoll • Russell Dilday • Tommy Thompson • Jake Gorrell • Benny Guitron • Ron Emmons • Les Oswald • Kevin Stallings • Levi Grimes • Craig Johnson • Aaron Ralston • Ramona Koch • Wes Chappell • Art Grunig • Don Buttrey • Brad Buttrey • Charles Wilhelm • Josh Lyons • Shawn Seabrook • Spanky Browne • Bradley Rogers • Becky Holman


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Customer Testimonials for CowTrac™ Mechanical Cow Systems:


"Ï just finished my afternoon group of horses, all of them on your CowTrac flag and remembered that I have been wanting to write this for some time. Over three decades as a trainer I have owned and used just about every form of training device to develop my cutters and cow horses; Pro Cutter, Cuttin Critter, a fake cow on a three wheeler, you name it. Your machine stands out from and above all the rest and is my choice every time a live cow won't do the job. Put simply, my horses and I work better because of CowTrac. Quiet, versatile, programmable, dependable, convenient, and your support is like none other. Your extra efforts to keep me up and running on CowTrac have been phenomenal and much appreciated. And at cuttings, where your machine is ofthem available for practice along side that of your competition I wait if necessary to use the CowTrac. Thank you for your contribution to our industry. Please add me to your list of fans and grateful endorsers." - Eric Thomas.


"As a non-pro cow horse and cutting competitor with limited access to cattle, I rely on my SideKick Elite for training myself and my horse. I have used CowTrac systems for the last 4 years and really love my Sidekick Elite.  The system is easy to haul and set up anywhere.  The battery seems to last forever and the memory system allows me to focus on my riding. The SideKick Elite is an essential element in my training program whether I am working alone or with my trainer” - Brad Zanin, CEO of Cow Horse Productions

We received the CowTrac yesterday, as you said we would, and we used it today.

It’s great. Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient service. - GR


"By far the smoothest, quietest and most consistent system available. I recently used competitive systems and they are not as good. The (Makita) battery has tremendous life. A professional could use this all day on a single charge". - DPWe received the Cowtrac on Saturday and absolutely love it! Thank yall for such a great product! - TM


I love my thing I ever bought....I am very happy - LB

I train reined cowhorse and cutting horses on this machine and can't be without it. -JM

Got the ranch flag set up and used it today. I love it way better than the pro cutter. Thanks! — JT


It's nice for a change to deal with someone who stands behind there product and knows what customer service is these days. If you ever need a customer reference feel free to have someone give me a call. — JT


Nelson has spent a lot of time studying the mechanical cow and has utilized input from many trainers to make the best flag on the market. It operates smoothly and can be set up to go down the fence or around your round pen. It's brilliant and we use it all the time. His customer service is exellent too!" — Sandy Collier


I have been using the CowTrac system for a number of years and I LOVE IT. CowTrac is the best of the best. — Barbra Schulte



This is the best built, quietest, dependable, most affordable mechanical cow on the market. — Al Dunning



Before BUMP you had a great system. Now with BUMP you have the #1 Best System in the World. —Jade Keller



We use Bump exclusively to adjust speed settings. We never use the dials. — Mike Wood



I use the CowTrac training system with all of my training horses and with all of my clinic participants. —Aaron Ralston



I own one of these (CowTrac™) advanced mechanical cows and I gotta tell you, it’s a GREAT training device. I can honestly say Nelson is manufacturing the best cow anyone has ever seen. Bar none. —Larry Trocha



CowTrac™ is a very integral part of my program. With it's compact portable design, it's fluid movement and superior customer service I feel it is the best mechanical cow on the market. —Tommy Thompson



I train reined cow horses and cutting horses here in Minnesota. Have made the Snaffle Bit Futurity Finals, been Top Ten at the Celebration of Champions, and Top Ten in the Circle Y Derby. With our weather, a flag is one of my most important tools and I could not have had the success I've had without your machine. Thank you for a great product. Have many customers that will be in the market for a flag and will be sending them your way. Thanks again. —KN



I have truly never found a mechanical cow that comes close to its quality and durability! It has met all my needs and continues to work as well as the day I bought it. —JN



So very happy with the unit. If you need any endorsements or if your Aussie distributors have someone that wants to come look at a unit set up send them my way!!! —LM



It (Sidekick II™) works great!!! —GR



CowTrac arrived and it is definitely "plug and play." No trouble setting it up and we are off and running. Thanks! —JH


I Love the CowTrac™, you really put a lot of thought into the design. The first time I flipped the switch I thought it was broken because the motor it SO quiet! After only a few uses I already see a difference in my horses. They never worked a flag before and were slightly freaked out the first few times but I introduced them slowly and now...a different ball game! Anyway, mark me down as a huge fan. —MF



Really satisfied that I purchased this from your company.



I just wanted to let you know I received my CowTracII™ last week, and am so pleased with it.  I'm already seeing improvements in my horses' training and my riding. It is unbelievably quiet to run, allowing my horse to completely concentrate on the cow. I would definitely recommend the CowTrac™ to anyone looking to buy a mechanical cow. Thank you for supplying such a great product. —TD



Just letting you now I have got the SideKickII™ up and running and think this is a great piece of equipment, it is so smooth and quite my horses have taken to it no worries at all and for me the best thing is it only takes me 15 minutes to setup and pack up. I will definitely be giving it a good report to my cutting and campdraft friends. —RM



I just wanted to say thank you for creating the finest training tool on the market. I have been using mine on a daily basis now since the first part of August and I can't believe that I could actually train a horse without this tool, it has been the missing link. It is everything that I hoped for and more. I now tell everybody that I come into contact with about my CowTrac™, it is the BEST. —BK



Just a short note, to let you know how pleased I am with my CowTrac™ – it has made an immense difference to my training program and has improved all horses that have been in training. —AN



Hi Nelson, my SideKick™ has arrived! This is an unbelievable machine!! It is smaller than the transformer box alone on my old SHO PRO! It has certainly got some tongues wagging with its portability and the battery pack. I hope you get a few orders for new machines after people see mine. —QS



I just wanted to tell you, I had a chance to work with a CowTrac™ system and the down the fence at a friends place. It was really easy to use (I have never used one before) and gave the horse a good work. Really a neat system and well worth the investment. I'm sold on one when I get my pen done. —LW



I want you to know how satisfied I am with my CowTrac™ system, it's smooth and quiet and was easy to set up. My friend has one of the machines made in Texas and it's really loud. This one doesn't bother my horse at all. Thank you. —GB



Your machine is great, silent, the hardware is good quality, the remote control very handy to use and the cow moves the head like a real one. Nice job!!!! —JB



Got it set up and operating – about a 96-ft run. I've been working with a Sho-Pro at a friend's place, and can't believe how much quieter your system works. —DF



Al, Thanks for the advice on the CowTrac™ Ultima . . . You know . . . I LOVE IT! it's working out great, just like you said. It's so portable – I can put it back in my tack box when I'm done. —TD



Thanks Nelson, my husband loves how quiet this flag is opposed to the others he has used. We are definitely happy with this unit. —JS


We are very pleased to have CowTrac™ Systems join us as an award sponsor this year. CowTrac's continued innovation reflects their dedication to the improvement of cutting horse training. —Jeff Hooper