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Al Dunning's Website  

Al Dunning

"This is the best built, quietest, dependable, most affordable mechanical cow on the market."


Al Dunning has developed a winning tradition with quarter horses that is well documented. He trains, conducts clinics, and consults for ranch development and equestrian planning.



Barbra Schulte Website  

Barbra Schulte

"I have been using the CowTrac system for a number of years and I LOVE IT. Here's why: It's state of the art technology (programming and speed controls on the wrist!). It's quiet. It's DEPENDABLE. It's innovative ... the Sidekick portable unit totally rocks! It's affordable! (I love that!) Nelson and company are the most CUSTOMER FRIENDLY people I know. They will bend over backwards to help you and support you. CowTrac is the best of the best."


Personal performance coach for all riders

Cutting Horse Trainer

Author, Speaker, Clinician


Barbra Schulte Insights



Punk Carter Website  

Punk Carter


Punk Carter has been in the horse business for many years and have helped a lot of people from all over the world. We have been very fortunate to do what we do on a daily basis. That is training horses and helping people at the same time. I think you are really going to enjoy what you are going to see on this site. I hope it will be as rewarding to you as it will be to us being your instructors. I look forward to visiting with you and doing anything I can to help you with your horsemanship.

What we hope to show you is what we do on a daily basis. We also want to be able to give back or pay it forward to people. I was lucky enough to be mentored by some great horseman. I am hoping I can help pass this information on to all of you interested in bettering your horsemanship.



Clint Allen Website  

Clint Allen


Ranked in Top 10 NCHA Open Riders since 2006

NCHA Hall of Fame Rider

More than $3 million in NCHA earnings



Mike Wood Website  

Mike Wood

"We use Bump exclusively to adjust speed settings. We never use the dials."


Mike Wood is a cutting horse trainer. His program includes training and showing aged event cutting horses along with Non Pro & Youth clients. Mike also offers cutting horses for sale, ranging from weanlings to the finished cutting horse.



Sandy Collier Website  

Sandy Collier

"Nelson has spent a lot of time studying the mechanical cow and has utilized input from many trainers to make the best flag on the market. It operates smoothly and can be set up to go down the fence or around your round pen. It's brilliant and we use it all the time. His customer service is exellent too!"


Sandy Collier's success is the result of more than just hard work and dedication. She offers integrity and a positive mental attitude. She is a highly respected horse trainer, and now she is offering her 20+ years of professional experience to those interested in attending her hands-on horse training clinics or purchasing her horse training videos.



Larry Troncha Website  

Larry Trocha

"I own one of these (CowTrac™) advanced mechanical cows and I gotta tell you, it's a GREAT training device. I can honestly say Nelson is manufacturing the best cow anyone has ever seen. Bar none."


Horse Training Videos



Craig Johnson Website  

Craig Johnson


Do It Yourself Reining Training



Aaron Ralston Website  

Aaron Ralston

"I use the CowTrac training system with all of my training horses and with all of my clinic participants. By giving the horse and rider a job and a purpose for why they back up, why they stop, why they roll back and basic body control and collection the horse has a stronger foundation with the confidence to build the perfect horse."


Host of "The Ride with Aaron Ralston" on RFD-TV


Horse Training Videos



Charles Wilhelm Website  

Charles Wilhelm


Horse Training



Shawn Seabrook Website  

Shawn Seabrook


Professional Horse Trainer



Josh Lyons Website  

Josh Lyons


Horsemanship Training



Josh Nichol Website  

Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol has earned a place as one of Canada’s top horseman because of his uncanny ability to get to the root of a horse’s troubles.

An accomplished trainer and clinician, Josh has been helping his students overcome training difficulties and achieve their goals for over ten years. Josh trains horses at his family-owned Eagles Wing Ranch located North of Edmonton, Alberta. He also teaches numerous clinics, which allows him to assist students throughout Western Canada and parts of Ontario as well.